Cort Anderson is a Kansas based photographer with a background in photojournalism, his work is a mix of art and documentary.

Working for newspapers taught him to look and see images where others don’t and he uses this talent to show a side of life that others miss. He is constantly wandering rural America in search of images in places like Kansas, the Mississippi Delta, Texas and Oklahoma.

Wanderings is a presentation of his B&W photography from around the United States.

He is an award winning photographer who participates in regional art shows and still shoots an occasional newspaper assignment.


Working as a newspaper photographer we often had go out and search for photos for the front page if we didn’t have a news or other photo. I quickly learned to look past the ordinary, to find the unique. This skill has stayed with me through the years and it is where most if these images come from.

old time religion

Although I am not a religious person there was something about rural churches that appeals to me. I know these are an important part of the community, there is an incredible amount of local history in each one. Not only history but the story of the local culture as well.

route 66

In 2001 a couple of months after the attacks fellow photographer Andy Pauquette and I rented a red Sebring convertible and headed from Wichita, Kansas to Los Angeles to explore Route 66, the Mother Road. With a Nikon 995 and a 128mb compact flash card I ended my shooting hiatus.


Although they are some of my least seen images these are my favorites. I enjoy shooting people in their environment doing their thing. My goal is to capture a bit of who the person is, to photography their personality. These images are family, friends and people I have met in my travels.

Getting Personal

As much as I love being behind the camera, I hate being in front of it just as much. Add a job that had intense personal feelings and you have this photo. It is one of a very few self portraits that I have shot and published. It was done at a time and place that...

Some Times It Is Personal

This isn’t a photograph you will find in any of my galleries, it is a personal photograph of my mother along with her sister and brother in front of their childhood home. This image is a good example of why I shoot the things I do, I am part documentarian and part...

Inside the Image – Pirate Jen, B&W vs Color

I selected this photograph for my first “Inside the Image” for a few reasons. It is one of my favorites, few people have seen it and it lets me talk about photographic techniques, personal insights and the story behind the photograph.