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Although they are some of my least seen images these are among my favorites.

In the newspaper business you often have assignments to photograph people to go with a story. Sometimes these were simple mug shots other times you got a chance to do something more. It might be a chance to shoot during the interview or better, a chance to follow the person as they go about their life.

It is the last that I enjoyed the most because it gave me the opportunity to tell a story about the person. To give others a peek into their life. Although I no longer work for a newspaper I continue to photograph the characters in my life.

These images are family, friends and people I have met in my travels.

My father who loves to cook in the kitchen after a Christmas dinner.

My mom holding her first great-grandchild.

My friend Lowry sitting on the steps of a Mississippi church on the phone getting permission for us to shoot in an old plantation.

My friend Andy at the legendary crossroads or at home prepping for a gig.

Don McNeal doing paste-up at his family newspaper.

Jimmy “Duck” Holmes at the Blue Front Cafe.

For me these all tell a story about the person, I hope you enjoy the stories.