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A couple of years ago after a shooting trip with Lowry Wilson,, around Vicksburg, Mississippi that included several churches I realized I had a new project, Old Time Religion.

Although I am not a religious person there was something about rural churches that appealed to me. I know these are or were an important part of the community, there was an incredible amount of local history and culture in each one.

The older churches with two doors and divided pews one for men and the other for women, the civil war cannonball stuck in the brickwork and the simple stack of saltines for communion all tell a story.

This like the Rt. 66 gallery includes a mix of artistic and documentary images that all tell stories of places that are ever changing and disappearing. The piano in Old Notes is buried with part of the church it was in after the church collapsed. The area is now farmland with no evidence the church ever existed. It is important to me to help document and in a way help preserve these churches.